Resources for Wisconsin Waterfront Property Owners

Here you will find resources to help buy, maintain, and develop waterfront property in Wisconsin and on Green Bay.

Water issues can have a big impact on how a property is used or developed. Waterfront property owners must follow special rules and regulations to develop their land. Restoration of wildlife and shoreline habitats is also an important factor to consider when making changes to waterfront property.

Buying Wisconsin Waterfront Property

Wisconsin Waterfront & Shoreline Property Maintenance

Every activity on a lakeshore, even small ones, changes the water and the land. It is for this very reason that shoreline activities must be conducted with the utmost care.

Wisconsin Waterfront Property Development

Who do I talk to about Wisconsin shoreline development?

A good place to start is to contact your local zoning office for construction and zoning issues and the regional DNR Waterway Protection staff.

Wisconsin Waterfront & Great Lakes Publications