Regardless of whether a property contains or is adjacent to a body of water, water issues can have a big impact on how a property is used or developed.

Buy the Right Property

Buying Shorelands
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What to Look for When Purchasing a Property
Issues Related to Water when Purchasing a Property
What the Landowner Needs to Know about Shoreland and Wetland Zoning [PDF]
Conservation Easements
Search Waterfront Property Listings in Northeast Wisconsin
DNR Real Estate Program
Real Estate Transactions Involving Wetlands

Care for your Lake and River Property

Every activity on a lakeshore, even small ones, changes the water and the land. It is for this very reason that shoreline activities must be conducted with the utmost care.

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Preserving Fish and Wildlife Habitat
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Development Trends in Northeast Wisconsin
Research on Water Quality
Research on Shoreland Buffers
Climate Change Impacts: Property and Infrastructure

Who do I talk to about shoreline development?

A good place to start is to contact the local zoning office for construction and zoning issues. Also, contact the regional DNR Waterway Protection staff. Some projects may even require checking with the regional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office.

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